In a nutshell, Rob Schad is a digital nomad and college opt-out who grew up in Cranberry Township, near Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania.

“I started working in my Dad’s gourmet popcorn business from the age of 5 and I have been saving money ever since” -If you’ve ever had an introductory conversation with me, then you’ve definitely heard me say these words to you. Since I began working at such a young age, I acquired a persevering work ethic that brought me to where I am today

Incase you were wondering (as every education-brainwashed individual would), I actually did get accepted into Chatham College with an academic scholarship and a spot on their college baseball team for the 2016 term.

However, I made one of my biggest and most crucial life decisions in the summer of 2016…

I decided to opt out of college.

Sure, my parents were angry but I believed in my dream and worked hard everyday while all of my friends were off at college drinking, partying and working towards a degree that they (most likely) don’t even like.

So, you may be asking yourself what exactly do I do?

I don’t blame you because I’m a 21 year old who does not attend college, but makes money to support himself and travel the world.

Well, that’s exactly why you should check out my “What do I do” page in the above menu

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