What I Do



Essentially, those three words describe what I do on a daily basis to make money.

Ever since I was young, I had always dreamt of being an entrepreneur but one day I decided to manifest those dreams, take action and become the entrepreneur I had always intended to be and boy did that make all the difference.

After a few months of self-educating and exploring remote jobs on the internet, I finally discovered the Amazon market and learned all of the necessary skills needed to rank my products high on Amazon, such as Amazon SEO and copywriting.

After I started making a high revenue on my own products, I decided to coach people (my “students”) on how to build their own successful Amazon store.

After I essentially became an Amazon “teacher”, I decided to run client’s stores for them and aspire to make them as prosperous as myself (I say that in the most non egotistical way).

The combination of these three techniques is how I manage to support myself and my travels at such a young age.

And, may I remind you, the best part is that I did not need a college degree for it! (nor am I in college debt)



Turns out, I’m now in the process of taking full control of my dad’s gourmet popcorn business by helping him grow his small, foot traffic-run only business into a marketable, booming gourmet business.