Escaping the Normal

Escaping the Normal

October 10, 2018 0 By Rob

Sometimes you need a break. I feel that’s a fallacy with entrepreneurship, that if you don’t hustle 24/7 then success won’t come to you.

Living as a nomad and exploring new cities all the time, I can still get caught up in work. While in London I spent 95% of my time on a laptop because of the work I had to do. I was pushing myself to the brink. Stress from business was piling up and it was affecting the vibe I gave off and killed my productivity.

Safe to say, doing a little traveling, where I did the bare minimum just to keep up was what I needed.

Seeing the futuristic city of Dubai, the breathtaking sunsets of Santorini, and spontaneously exploring Budapest with a special someone I meet a few days before was nothing but amazing. 

Now I can feel that the energy is back, the creativity is back, the gears are grinding again.

Sometimes you need to take the foot of the motor, let your inner engines rest, and when you turn them back on, they are stronger than ever.