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Hey there! I'm Rob Schad, digital nomad and college opt out. I run a six figure e-commerce business and travel the world while doing it.

Escaping the Normal

Sometimes you need a break. I feel that’s a fallacy with entrepreneurship, that if you don’t hustle 24/7 then success won’t come to you. Living as a nomad and exploring new cities all the time, I can still get caught up in work. While in London I spent 95% of my time on a laptop…

By Rob October 10, 2018 0

From Country to Country

Just came to the realization that the time I have spent in Budapest is the longest I have been in a location over the past 9 months. Last September when I wrote down the goal to become a digital nomad I gave myself one year to achieve it, and little did I know, a month…

By Rob October 10, 2018 0

Baby Steps Toward the Bigger Goal

Something that has increasingly become clear to me is that you can’t conquer the world overnight. You can’t build a million dollar business overnight. You can affect a million lives overnight. The success stories that we readily see in Forbes, news, and Facebook aren’t overnight successes but a culmination of years and years that person…

By Rob October 1, 2018 0

My 21st Birthday Gift to you

Today marks my 21st birthday. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to write out what I learned the last year. This is my birthday gift to you… Reflecting back on a post that I wrote when I turned 20, I thought there was a drastic change from the year before. That change only compounded this…

By Rob October 1, 2018 0