My 21st Birthday Gift to you

My 21st Birthday Gift to you

October 1, 2018 0 By Rob

Today marks my 21st birthday. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to write out what I learned the last year.

This is my birthday gift to you…

Reflecting back on a post that I wrote when I turned 20, I thought there was a drastic change from the year before. That change only compounded this year.

Change doesn’t just happen though. You can’t go to bed hoping the next morning you wake up with radical change. You can’t pray to God hoping to save you without making a conscious effort yourself. Change has to come from within and be manifested by the actions and decisions you make.

Change for me was a culmination of reading, self-reflection, and surrounding myself and meeting some other amazing humans. It took becoming vulnerable and opening myself up, not only to myself but to others. It took saying no and holding my boundaries.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and think holy shit I’m a different person. I woke with the mindset that I would make the conscious decisions during that day to put myself on the path I desired.

And the results of holding myself accountable turned into the most amazing year of my life.

The lifestyle I live has allowed me to travel through 12 countries all while building my business into the six-figure range.

And all this happened in a short, 365 days. I was able to turn the dreams and aspirations I had into my reality.

How though?

There are four simple philosophical ideas that I have adopted and stayed true to no matter what I am going through:

1) You could die today.

Blunt, yes, but it could happen. I may sound super dark and dreary but it’s true. Would you really want to be binging Netflix on your last day?

2) Everything in life is neutral.

There is no good or bad. Everything just is and you have zero control about it. All you can do though is control your reactions to the outside stimuli.

3) You have to take action.

Simple, you’re still going to be fat if you have a gym membership but never go to the gym.

4) If something scare’s you, do it.

Nothing great in life is easy or handed to you. It’s only scary because you have never done it before. But what lies on the other side of fear is a feeling to great, that must be experienced, not written about on Facebook:)

Cheers to 21.

And hey if you’re reading this and want to chat about business, lifestyle, mindset, etc… I’m an open book and more than happy to share my experiences!